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Grooming & 

Add-On Services

The WAG Grooming Services include a cleansing massage bath with moisturizing shampoo, blow-out dry, nail trim and file, ear clean, brush out, and full hair cut with bandana or bow (anal gland expression if requested):

WAG Grooming - Small Dog               Starting at $60

WAG Grooming - Medium Dog           Starting at $70

WAG Grooming - Large Dog               Starting at $90

WAG Grooming- Extra Large              Starting at $100

                        and Doodles    


The Wee-WAG Grooming Service includes the same as the WAG but only a sanitary trim and light scissoring of the face and feet instead of a full haircut. 

Wee-WAG Grooming - Small Dog               Starting at $35

Wee-WAG Grooming - Medium Dog            Starting at $45

Wee-WAG Grooming - Large Dog               Starting at $55

Wee-WAG Grooming - Extra Large Dog       Starting at $65


The WAG-Wash Service includes a cleansing massage bath with moisturizing shampoo, ear clean, nail trim and file.

WAG-Wash - Small Dog                     Starting at $20 

WAG-Wash - Medium Dog                 Starting at $30

WAG-Wash - Large Dog                    Starting at $45

Services priced based on breed and complexity.  Visit us in the shop or call for detailed pricing and options!


The following are examples of other add-on services we offer:


  • Dremmel (filed)                    

  • Ear Cleaning                         

  • Teeth Cleaning                                 

  • Face Trim                           

  • Feet Trim                         

  • Brush out/de-matting          

  • Trim

  • Style

  • De-shedding treatment     

  • De-skunking treatment

  • Flea bath


Please call us to schedule your groom or with any questions!

Walk-in's are welcome (subject to availability in our schedule and time of day).

Book online by clicking below. 

Getting a Bath!
Ready to GO!
Before & After !
Holiday Attire!
Awwwww !
I'm Outdoors!
So Cute!

Our grooming and add-on services first and foremost promote your pets overall health and well-being, but are also designed to make your pet feel special and loved! 


We have many options- these are just a few basic services and pricing.  Actual services will depend on the breed and size of your dog:

Nail Trim Walk-In's Welcome!

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