About Us

Cheri is Lead Groomer and Manager of WAGSTexas.   She attended a professional grooming school in Arizona and has worked as not only Professional Groomer, but Vet Technician, and office manager of various grooming and Vet practices.  After over 15 years of grooming for various organizations in Arizona and Texas, we are confident you will be pleased with the work of the entire staff!

Kelsey is our newest groomer with 10 years of grooming experience!  We are thrilled to have her on-board and her care and expertise has been excellent!

Kim is our Receptionist and Business Assistant!  It takes a lot to keep the shop running smoothly, and Kim is key to our success!

Kayla is Bather and Kennel Attendant, and has over 5 year helping WagsTexas serve our clients!

Cassie is our newest Bather and Kennel Attendant, we are excited she has joined WagsTexas!

Dylan is our Kennel Attendant, working mostly part time, but he has been an awesome addition to the team!

All of us are here to serve you and your family pet(s), we appreciate your business in our great community!!












​   Cheri and Summit !











  Kelsey, Thor and Zeus !


Company Contact

WAGSTexas is an LPMR Investments, LLC company.  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, praise or concerns, please email our owners at: